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5 Breakfast Tips to Boost Your Child’s Energy

Children’s Health

5 Breakfast Tips to Boost Your Child’s Energy

Energize your family with these healthy meal tips.

Mornings, particularly weekdays, are usually spent getting your child ready for school. While the most challenging part (getting them out of bed) may be over, parents are still faced with the usual dilemma of what to serve for breakfast. Children, in general, can be picky eaters and can prove to be quite difficult to deal with most especially in the morning. Eating breakfast can make all the difference, and in this article, we discuss what you can do to ensure that your child gets all the essential vitamins and that much-needed energy boost for the day.

Serve whole grains

Whole grains contain fiber which is good for your child’s digestion. Serve brown rice instead of white rice and choose wheat bread instead of the usual white bread which has high sugar content. Consider making your own sandwich spreads which contain healthy ingredients like eggs, avocados, etc. instead of buying processed cheese spreads. Another great and easy way to prepare breakfast is to store different kinds of overnight oats in your fridge which your child can take eat on the go.

Skip the sugar

Fruit juices which are specially marketed for kids usually contain high-fructose corn syrup which is harmful to your family’s health. Most commercially sold cereals are packed with empty calories and other additives which are not beneficial to your child’s health. The glycemic index (GI) found in processed and refined food may cause the pancreas to go into overdrive mode, which can eventually lead to chronic diseases like diabetes. You can also sneak in some bonding moments with your child by preparing homemade granola cereals and fruit smoothies that the whole family can enjoy.

Serve a variety of meals

You always want to make meal times fun for your child since breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. Keep your menu interesting for your child by mixing it up with sandwiches and adding a few healthy ingredients to your child’s favorites (like fruits on pancakes) instead of the usual bowl of cereals.

Increase liquid intake

Kids and adults alike both need to be hydrated to get through their daily tasks. Only 20% of daily fluid intake comes from food and the rest depends on your child’s drinking habits. Water can be found in many fruits and vegetables like pears, watermelon, spinach, lettuce, cantaloupe, celery, and many more. Mayo Clinic recommends that individuals who are exposed to warmer temperatures and who lead an active lifestyle should drink their liquids more often.

Enhance diet with supplements

Nutritional supplements like Enervon Syrup can fortify your child’s diet so he/she is prepared for the long day ahead. Enervon Syrup contains B-complex vitamins that support the conversion of food into energy that serves as fuel for many physiological processes like digestion, blood circulation, and respiration. Essential vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin D can also be found in Enervon Syrup which enhances immune function, boosts energy levels, and also defends your child from the harmful effects of free radicals.


Enervon Syrup is available at all leading drugstores and is available in four variants: 60 ml (P69.00), 120 ml (P132.00), 250 ml (P237.50), 500 ml (P374.00). Prices may change without prior notice.

General disclaimer: The medications listed above can be purchased without a prescription but you should always consult your child’s doctor before letting them take any form of medication, including vitamins. Stop taking any kind of medicine should an allergic/adverse reaction happen. Always update your healthcare professional on all the medications that your child is currently taking/taken in the past so he/she can properly prescribe the right kind of medicine for him/her.  

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