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8 Hacks to Promote Studying for Your Child at Home

Children’s Health

8 Hacks to Promote Studying for Your Child at Home

Improve your child's concentration with these handy tips.

Studying is a habit that everyone should develop at a very young age. Parents are in a special position to lead their children to the right path if they provide them with the proper tools that they need to enhance concentration.

1. Remove clutter

  • The room should be clean and free from unnecessary clutter that will not be used for learning. Teach your child the basics of cleanliness by showing him/her where to put back his/her things after use and how to properly dispose of his/her trash.

2. Set up a comfortable space

  • Proper lighting, a comfortable chair, and a sturdy table are necessary in setting up a study nook. Natural lighting is preferred but if this is not an option then a proper desk lamp can help your child read better, especially at night.

3. Fun décor

  • Your child needs to feel at home so he feels relaxed and at ease when he’s reviewing for an important test. Let him have the freedom to decorate his own space by posting some of his artworks and awards on the walls to add warmth to his/her study area.

4. Safety features

  • Childproof your kid’s study room most especially if a young child will be the one to use it. Watch out for protruding table edges, loose wires, missing flooring, and dead lightbulbs. Never leave your child unattended and try to teach him/her the importance of safety and security inside the house.

5. Provide nourishment

  • Your growing child will greatly benefit from meals and snacks that add nutritional value to their diets. Educate your child on the importance of Go, Grow, Glow foods so they can grow up to be stronger and smarter. Here are some healthful examples from the Children for Health website:
    • Go food provides your child the energy that they need for the day like wheat, rice, roots, margarine, and cereals.
    • Grow food helps your child grow taller and stronger, popular ingredients include fish, meats, beans, eggs, and milk products.
    • Glow food are rich in vitamins and minerals that boosts your child’s immunity against common diseases. Mix in a variety of healthy fruits and vegetables like oranges, bananas, greens, and cauliflowers.

  • Picky eaters may have more problems getting the nutrition that they need. Ask your doctor about the right multivitamins that you can give to your child which contains essential vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B, and lysine.

6. Stick to a schedule

  • Some children may greatly benefit from a fixed schedule according to the IRIS Center since predictable schedules and routines “create a sense of security and help young children to learn about their world, help them to adjust to new situations, and prevent challenging behaviors.”

7.No distractions

  • Removing all forms of distractions like television, toys, and video games may help your child concentrate better on his/her studies. Keep loud noises to a minimum when you know your child is trying to study and try to explore playing ambient music which may enhance his/her concentration. Encourage reading actual books during downtime and discourage the use of the internet (except for research purposes) during study hours.

8. Spend time and be available for your kids

  • The most important part of being a parent is being physically present for your child, most especially when he/she needs help with their homework. Livestrong recommends playing with your child and spending time with them through fun activities like reading and other hands-on games. If you are unable to spend as much time as you want to with your child, make sure that he/she is exposed to other kids their age and other relatives to develop their social skills.

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