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Safety First: Check Health Products for Seals of Quality

General Health

Safety First: Check Health Products for Seals of Quality

Unilab remains loyal to its mission to give access to quality and affordable healthcare solutions to every Filipino household.

We know that you always want what’s best for your loved ones, most especially when it concerns their health. In Unilab, this drives us to keep our promise of care and excellence in every product that we produce. For over 70 years, we have remained loyal in our mission to give access to quality and affordable healthcare solutions to every Filipino household. This means complying with the pharmaceutical industry’s strict quality standards to ensure that all our products are safe just as they are effective. So when it comes to purchasing healthcare products for your loved ones, choose products which go beyond the quality standards you deserve. Make it a habit to check if these products are made of quality by qualifying the manufacturer that made them. How do you do this? We have tips on what to look for in packaging. FOIL FORMAT If you want to be sure of the quality of your medicines, you should always look for the Unilab logo on its packaging. Check if your Unilab products (capsule, tablet) in foil packaging are marked with either of the following: Unilab Seal logo, UNILAB, INC. text, and Unilab Capsule logo. These logos can be found above the generic name  or brand name. BOTTLED AND BOXED VARIANTS When purchasing medicines in boxed and bottled variants, make sure that the packaging is marked with the Unilab Seal logo on the bottle label and the box. These can be located either on the side or back portion of the box/label. Some products carry a tamper resistant seal (when applicable), so check if this is intact before purchasing to avoid possible contaminated medicines due to product mishandling. Ingesting healthcare products like vitamins, supplements, and other medicines which may have been contaminated or are possibly counterfeit may pose as a threat to your health. Substandard products can possibly cause serious health conditions like drug resistance, increased morbidity, and even death. Always keep in mind that the high quality standards for pharmaceutical products are a guarantee that you and your family are only getting the best and most efficient products in the market. General disclaimer Always consult your doctor before taking any medicine. Your doctor will be in the best position to give the appropriate medical advice on the correct type of medication that you need for your health condition. If you suspect that your Unilab product is fake or if you experience an undesirable drug reaction to our products, seek medical attention immediately. Please call our hotline at 8-864522-1 (8-UNILAB-1) (+632-8-864522-1) or send us an email at productsafety@unilab.com.ph. Always buy from your trusted drugstores and retailers.  













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