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Why This Blood Vitamin Restores Women’s Energy (and Radiance)

Women's Health

Why This Blood Vitamin Restores Women’s Energy (and Radiance)

Feeling and looking tired lately? Learn more about this important vitamin.

Most modern-day Pinays live busy lifestyles at work and at home. Because of this, they experience fatigue, stress, puyat, and other health problems. There is one health issue in particular, that women should be more aware of as it can affect their daily productivity, and that is Iron Deficiency Anemia.

Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA) happens when your body lacks iron for more red blood cells and oxygen delivery. Iron Deficiency Anemia is also the most common nutritional disorder especially in women without them knowing it. This is because of the women’s higher level of blood loss due to monthly menstruation and pregnancy. In 2016, Iron Deficiency Anemia is prevalent among 15.70% of women of reproductive age, spanning from 15 to 49 years old.

Women often experience pagkahilo, panlalata, o pamumutla. Since these signs can also be correlated with stress, they often disregard these symptoms and take these for granted. And when this happens, it may lead to a more serious type of anemia.

It is therefore important to address Iron Deficiency Anemia at the onset. One way of preventing this is by consuming foods rich in iron such as green leafy vegetables, red meat, beans and lentils, and seafood like oysters and clams. It is also important to take iron supplements that are specifically formulated to address Iron Deficiency Anemia.

Iron+Folate+Vitamin B-Complex (Hemarate FA) is a doctor-prescribed blood vitamin, that helps fight Iron Deficiency Anemia. It has the right combination of vitamins and minerals consisting of Iron, Folic Acid, and Vitamins, B6, and B12. The Iron and Folic Acid keeps your blood health in healthy good condition as they produce new red blood cells to oxygenate your body. While the Vitamin B-complex provides alertness and liveliness. This combination doesn’t just address your Iron Deficiency Anemia and brings back the right amount of iron levels needs by your blood, but it also helps restore your glow and alertness! 

Next time you look for an ideal multivitamin for women, look for the one that provides not just the essential nutrients for the body but also the one that helps take care of your blood health everyday.
Iron+Folate+Vitamin B-Complex (Hemarate FA) helps provide you with adequate levels of iron for an active healthy blood so you can always be at your best everyday! 

Ibalik ang sigla with Iron+Folate+Vitamin B-Complex (Hemarate FA), The Blood Vitamin. Available in leading drugstores nationwide at SRP 23.00 per tablet. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.  


ASC Reference No. U060P073119H

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